Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost to participate? No.

Who can participate? Any provider billing adult outpatient services can submit data.

Should I submit inpatient and outpatient data? No. Just outpatient data.

Is there a limit to the number of centers I can submit? No, just report each one separately.

Will my data be private? Yes, only you will know which center is yours on the report.

Are there patient confidentiality issues? No. We can sign a BAA, and you can use surrogate medical record numbers if you wish.

How do I submit data? There is a data request spreadsheet for program information and you will send a spreadsheet report of billing data.

Is the billing data hard to gather?  No. Most hospitals’ and many practices’ finance/billing systems can run the report we need easily.

Can we use billing data from our own system instead of finance? Yes, as long as it includes all of the codes billed (which includes drugs for infusion) and as long as it differentiates between technical and professional services for radiation.

What if I don’t know the answers to some of the data questions? Answer all that you can and we will do our best!

What if our fiscal year isn’t over yet? The data is for the previous calendar year.

What if we don’t have a full year of data? Unfortunately, we will have to wait for next year for you to participate.

What if there were big changes in our volumes during the year? Use your own judgment to decide if the changes would skew the data.

What if some of our staff works in other departments as well as in our center? The data submission asks for paid productive hours for dedicated staff and asks separately for paid productive hours for shared staff.

What if our data file is too big to email? Contact us and we will arrange for an upload option.

How will we receive the results?  You will receive a copy of the Full Report as soon as it’s available.

What are the advantages to participating? You will see exactly where your center fits as compared to your peers. You will have the option to have a private conference call to discuss your results. You will have the option to request communicating with other participants for networking.

What if I can’t be on the open line information calls? Contact us and we will arrange a time to answer your questions.

Why doesn’t the data include charges? We believe that charge comparisons are not particularly useful for this report as we already have the capability of charge benchmarking in our consulting division.

Why doesn’t the data include revenue? Many finance/billing systems are not able to report revenue at the line item level, at least in hospitals.  We are considering adding this for free-standing centers in the future, and we would welcome any feedback on how to do the hospital side.

What if my tumor registry covers more than one center? If you cannot separate them, we will simply exclude a couple of the data points for your center.

What benchmarks are included in the study? Please CLICK HERE to view a full list of available benchmarks. (bottom of page)  More are added every year.

How do I enter the financial data? The financials tabs in the excel workbook are just samples. All you need to do is to insert additional excel worksheet tabs of your own.

The shared staffing is confusing. Please clarify.  If you have, for example, a social worker who covers more than your infusion or radiation center, it could be difficult to know how much time he/she spends on your patients. If you can estimate it fairly accurately, put that portion of the FTE in the dedicated box.

My staff titles don’t match with the survey sheet.  That’s ok. We are looking for roles not specific titles. Any staff person who does what a medical assistant can do would count as an MA. Anyone who does what LPNs or Nursing Assistants are licensed to do would count there. RNs are licensed and registered nurses.

What if some of my staff works in other parts of oncology besides my infusion or radiation center? If one of your RNs spends time working in a physician clinic (e.g. assessing patients in an exam room before the doctor comes in), report that in the section about Physician Clinic for infusion.  Go ahead and count them in radiation though.  If any of your RNs split time doing infusion or radiation as well as doing something like navigation or clinical trials or on the inpatient unit, count only the time they spend doing infusion or radiation. Then count the navigation in that box.  For other support staff, see the FAQ about shared staffing.

For the registry cases, which codes are included in each named disease site? Your registry staff will know how to bundle cases into these groups – it comes right from the standard Primary Site Table report.

The “shared” heme/oncs is confusing. Help. If there are private docs who use their own or anyone else’s infusion center plus yours, just count how many half days per week they see patients in their office. If you have “employed or contracted” docs who use more than one of your infusion centers, count how many half days per week they see patients in any clinic space and count them for both of your infusion centers (this won’t over count, I promise!).

Will there be a separate survey for infusion centers that are part of outpatient hospital versus inpatient hospital? Our infusion center is part of the hospital but does not do any inpatient infusion. The data is for outpatient infusion services, not inpatient. But it doesn’t matter if the outpatient center is located in the hospital, on the campus, off campus, or even if it is located in the inpatient unit.

Do lab draw chairs count?  Only count lab draw chairs if those chairs are located within the infusion space (not in a lab area). And if that’s all that is done in those chairs, count them as Quick Chairs.

What is the deadline to submit data? Contact us at for deadlines.

How do we count a procedure room? If your procedure room is in use on average more than 15 hours a week, count it as a chair/bed. If it’s less than that, don’t count it.