About the National Oncology Benchmark Study

Faced with increasing competitive and financial pressures, top performing oncology organizations across the US rely on benchmarking as a way of driving quality improvement and improving patient satisfaction. The National Oncology Benchmark Study (NOBS) allows infusion centers and radiation oncology facilities to measure and compare processes and performance against their peers. Until now, this has never been possible. By utilizing OMC Group’s significant dedicated resources in oncology benchmarking, organizations like yours can now better understand where to focus your resources in order to make significant gains in performance and the quality of patient care.

Developed by Teri U. Guidi, President and CEO at the Oncology Management Consulting Group and her team, the National Oncology Benchmark Study is a direct response to the frequent inquiries for outpatient staffing and productivity benchmarks. Until now, these benchmarks were simply not available for infusion and radiation centers. More benchmarks are added every year and the value of these benchmarks is impressive. With the results of this study, you will be able to compare staffing levels and service volumes with your peers to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and increased productivity and be able to plan for recruitment and facility growth stemming from market changes, strategic initiatives, and adding new physicians… and so much more.

NOBS remains the ONLY oncology specific benchmark study (both radiation oncology and infusion services) available for oncology providers in the U.S. We are duly proud of the extensive work that goes on behind the scenes to bring this exhaustive study and this exceedingly beneficial information to you. We also thank all of the participating providers for their efforts to gather what is a wide-ranging and significant amount of information. Our participants include large and small oncology practices, community hospitals, prominent health systems, academic centers from across the United States.

The Latest NOBS Full Report is Available for Purchase

Please see below for current pricing and for a full inventory of the vast number of oncology specific benchmarks available to you for both infusion services and radiation oncology.

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NOBS Radiation Oncology OR Infusion Full Report:

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NOBS Complete Full Reports (Both Infusion and Radiation):

List of oncology benchmarks offered

The National Oncology Benchmark Study offers an outstanding number of data points for infusion services and radiation oncology.  No other study offers this wide range of benchmark data. The following tables illustrate the wealth of benchmarks (infusion and radiation) covered in the 2017 National Oncology Benchmark Study (NOBS) Full Report. More are added every year!